Fancy Light that Costs $89 – Paid only $5!

vintage light

Not too long ago I went shopping for flooring at Lowes because our master bath sink faucet went out on us (my awesome hubby fixed that!) and flooded one of the rooms with carpet. So during our flooring expedition they had a clearance cart out with various light fixtures. One of them was a vintage looking “chandelier” as they call it which was originally priced at $89. Well of course it was out the box and marked as is for just $5. I figured for $5 if it didn’t work it could be used for craft parts. Well guess what?!? We hooked it up last week and it worked perfectly fine! The only thing we had to buy for it were some light bulbs. Now my closet/craft room – which was recently combined into one because we were expecting at the time. now has brighter light and it looks so cool! lol!

So just because something is marked “as is” don’t let it scare you off. If it can be made into something else if the original intended use doesn’t work out, then it could be worth the money!

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